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Ray Knutson L.M.P

Waiting Room

Take a seat enjoy a cup of refreshing H20  while you fill out the quick 1 page intake form. Magazines and posters are available to read while you wait. Restrooms are available, located downstairs and require a key. Don't forget, Parking downtown is metered and change is required.(50 cents for an hour)
Treatment Room

Treatment Room Small area for belongings, hooks for your jacket/clothes. Chair or Table with a Heated table warmer available for your convenience. Floor Mat available for assisted stretching. Only organic coconut oil as well as Sacred Earth Vegan Massage Cream /  Lotion used during massage session.  Music and dimmer light make for a comfortable setting for massage.

Ray Knutson L.M.P

Been a L.M.P since 2012. I focus primarily on Sports Injury / Rehab Therapeutic Massage. When I am not working I enjoy hanging out with the family, training MMA, working on the air-cooled VW bug, camping, trail running the Tacoma, skateboarding, target shooting, getting tattooed, fishing, swimming, surfing, hiking, enjoying a fine NW IPA, and any and all things that get my adrenaline pumping! I am always willing to listen/learn and if learning is what you want, I am always willing to share the knowledge. Want to know more don't hesitate to ask.

Why Us?


Massage is not a luxury

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